for she so loved the world

September 3, 2013

By: Angelina Blasich

so burdened and blessed
so alive and alone
so loved so loved so loved

for she so loved the world
that she gave her only begotten legs
and lives still to love

mediocre mobility
could never cripple
divine internal drive

she steers into the curve to arrive
outside of herself at a neighbor’s bedside
inside another’s pain
inside herself

for she so loved the world
and all her begotten creatures
that she became selfless
enraged and enlightened
she is the light
to call upon in darkness

she calls upon the light
and it answers her
as most fickle children do
when mama really means it

she calls upon the source
and finds silent stillness
abandonment anxiety
confusion comfort

she calls upon the source

she calls upon the source
and hears a whisper
she calls upon the light
and finds herself



blaishAs a performer (acting, hosting poetry events throughout NYC, even appearing a few times at the Apollo); an avid napkin doodler; and a tactile/visual/fiber artist – Angelina Blasich makes it her business to delight in beauty, fluid movement, and delicious communion.

In her professional capacity, Angelina is a licensed, mental health practitioner and works as a high school social worker in Ithaca, NY. Always looking for opportunities to encourage fearless expression, Angelina is currently exploring a form of narrative therapy using the techniques of needle felting. This is developing into an opportunity to offer wordless narratives to individuals and groups engaged in healing work. Read more about Angelina and her art at .




One Response to for she so loved the world

  1. janet klock on September 4, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    For she so loved the world!! Tears! Happy tears! This line will resonate inside me for quite sone time! Thanks Angelina!!!

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