Elementary Feminisms: Video: 11 Year Old Feminist and Collective Member, Miss Mason, Talking Elementary Feminisms

Elementary Feminisms: Conceived by 11-year old Collective member Mason Casper-Milam, Elementary Feminism will explore the role of young feminists in the movement and also work to engage and foster feminisms and other social justice work in K-12 classrooms. First-year college student Dylan McCann will partner with Mason in facilitating EF.

In Mason’s words, “Elementary feminism is a program that should encourage kids, especially girls, in school to talk about and discuss feminism and politics in the world right now. I hope this program will make things better by encouraging kids to come out about their feelings. I feel the challenges are abusive parents, bullying, and kids who are LGBTQ. People need to come out with it, in my opinion, because if people decide to feel open, it will spread and soon we won’t have as much hatred maybe, in elementary schools and middle schools.”


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